Welcome To Paradise Traders

We are Paradise Traders , introducing ourselves as dyes and chemical supplier working all over India since 1997. We have large costumer base in trading chemicals across the country. The industries we serve includes textile, pharmaceuticals, paints, dyes, oils etc.

Paradise Traders has authorized dealership of the most reputed companies. RK is doing successful business with the most leading companies like Ashima Ltd., Cadila healthcare Ltd., TATA international Ltd., etc.

We are mainly focused on Glycol Ethers , Ethyl Cellusol Acetate , Ethyl Carbitol , Ethyl Carbitol Acetate , Butyl Cellusol Acetate Emulsifiers , Textile Auxilaries , Acid Dyes , Curing Compounds. At RK, we have always believed that the role of chemistry is to do more good in the world. We look outward and see challenges, opportunities and a future full of promise. In today's extremely competitive world it has become a basic requirement to give the Best quality, Best services & at the most competitive rates, At RK we always believe that the customer has equal knowledge as ourselves and we try and understand their requirement. RK achieves this by buying directly from manufacturers and supplies to the end user in various regions across the country.